Farming is a special industry and unlike any other industries, it demands more standards of employment. The food that is delivered by this stream is essential in day-to-day lives and is a part of the cultural heritage of many countries. Farming has always been a part of the staple occupation and will continue to be so until there is a need for better produce.


To be a part of this field, one requires a complete understanding about the climate and the technical details that are related to the growth of the crops and other resources. Agriculture is such a profession that works only if a person has the dedication and immense skills to put his or her thoughts into action. This often requires a thorough research and a keen interest in development as well. We, at Candorz Management consultancy, provide all the companies with a thought process that render high profile candidates who will fit their business needs perfectly.

We help and dedicate ourselves in offering all the renowned companies in getting hold of the best employees who will suit the needs of their company. We train and target only those employees that are qualified and have an in-depth understanding of all the aspects that are related to the industry. The employees that we hire are sure to understand even the smallest aspects that relate to the modern agricultural methods.

We offer a cost effective and time efficient service to help you in gaining the best employees who will understand the core values of your business in the best way. We only forward those resumes of the candidates that have the highest qualification and are suitable as well. Holding an open position will eventually cost your company too much money. We work to fill all the available positions in your company that will benefit both the client as well as the employee.

We help in offering employees for the following job openings:

  • Skilled and Unskilled Labor
  • Animal researcher
  • Fork lift and Tractor driver
  • Mechanicagriculture
  • Horticulturists
  • Irrigation Personnel
  • Research Associates (Genomics, Genetics and Biotechnology)
  • Research Scientist
  • Fork lift and Tractor Operator
  • Storekeeper
  • Farm Equipment Engineer
  • Farm Project Planner/ Assistant Supervisor
  • Engineers
  • Botanists
  • Technicians


Our aim is to offer our clients with optimum human resource solutions that are sure to benefit their company greatly. We believe in working on a relationship that is based on integrity and par excellence.  We are skilled enough to help you choose the right candidate for your company.

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