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air conditioning

Air conditioners have been a part and parcel for all the commercial spaces these days. Despite of its commercial uses, they are used in many homes as well. The air conditioners work on a specific system that helps in controlling the temperature along with the humidity and the swiveling of air. It has a positive effect on the rising performances and health as well as the indoor environment. By its ever-growing demand and the introduction of the systems with intricate design and systems, the air conditioning industry is growing competitively. This is why; the number of employment opportunities has been increasing in this field.

Be it a contract engineer who oversees a particular project, a service engineer who maintains and repairs various equipments or a sales engineer who promotes the range of products, we are able to assist you in grabbing the potential candidate. Our methods are extremely innovative and we are sure to offer you with the best employee that will fit the norms perfectly.


We at Candor Overseas are your partners who offer you many options for finding the right candidate for your business. We help various businesses leverage the power of technology and make the recruiting process more responsive.


Our specialists are proven experts in the Air Conditioning field and offer authentic services for all the commercial as well as industrial purposes. Today, we have established excellent client based relations that are sure to benefit your organization as well. We will help in hiring all the candidates that have the best grades and qualification, which will fit the exciting roles.

Here are some of the special areas where there is employment in abundance:


  • SAP/APO functional analyst Process Engineer
  • Commercial and Domestic Engineer
  • Consulting Sales Engineer
  • Design Engineer, System Engineer
  • Senior Air Con Technician
  • Air Con Installers (team)
  • Financial Analyst
  • Air Conditioning Installer
  • Strategic Marketing Engineer
  • Air Conditioning Engineer
  • HVAC technicians Draftsman
  • Corporate Planning Officer
  • Distribution Network Planner
  • Pipe fitters
  • Electricians
  • Logistics Planning Officer
  • HVAC Engineers
  • Insulator
  • Plumbers
  • Sales Planning Officer
  • Facility engineer
  • Customer Services Officer
  • Commercial Gas Engineer
  • Technical Service Engineer
  • Chiller Operators


We have a team of consultant who work to collect the best candidates that will fit the specification of your company perfectly. We only hire the best air conditioning engineers that will help in improving the performance of your company. Candor Overseas always makes it a point to consult with the employer and understand their requirements. We will ensure that only the correct people are sent for the interview.

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