Engineering / Heavy Equipment

The major reason behind all the infrastructural development and technical changes is the Heavy Equipment industry.  They have been contributing to the ever-rising standards of the economic development and have also been raising the standards as well. Every new construction company as an indispensable part demands the use of new technologies like CAM and CAD. Be it processing, manufacturing, designing and even quality assurance one will have to be aware of all the tricks that have to be applied to get the best job.


We at Candor Overseas make sure that the clients get only those candidates that have knowledge about all the above-mentioned things and work with immense dedication as well. Along with qualification and knowledge, we pay attention to the zeal that every candidate has in him or her to work for the welfare of the company. With us, you will get only those candidates that have a sense of solving all the problems as well as the stamina and strength to adapt to the changing norms.


The candidates that we have are screened through various activities so that they get all the knowledge about the company’s profile. Our pool of resources is so diligent that every client is sure to get the best employee. We have been serving many renowned companies who are now at the top in the list of successful companies.


We offer candidates that fit for the following areas of the industry. All of them are the best and offer a competitive environment that is sure to help them grow and excel.

  • CAD/CAM Engineerjobs
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • CAD Designer
  • Design Engineer
  • Tool Designer/Programmer
  • Mechanical Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Heavy equipment operators
  • Parametric Modelers
  • Lathe operators
  • Graphic Designer
  • Process Planner
  • Civil Designer
  • Drill operators
  • CNC Programmer
  • Mechanics
  • Welders
  • Tamers
  • Solid modeler


At Candor Overseas, we make it a point to be briefed about every single aspect of this field. We are aware of the education levels and skill levels required to succeed here. We also know that the company needs access to the best brains in the industry. Hence, we are constantly in touch with employers and potential employees. This helps us reduce the gaps in any company’s human resources with the simplest of ease. It also helps us know what the reimbursement levels are and thus ensure that people applying for the job and the employers are on the same page when it comes to the same. Our experienced staff makes it a point to adhere to these factors at all times.

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