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Maintaining and framing the rules as well as regulation is important for any business. lawLaw is necessary to regulate various norms in the society and every step in life has to abide some laws. The intent of law is to create certain codes of conduct that have to be followed to combat the disputes in various fields. Although there are an increasing number of lawyers in the world, the industry is demanding more potential candidates that will elevate the realm of law in the world.
Apart from the core study of law, the industry covers innumerable areas that have many opportunities including consultancy jobs. The law is considered to be a procedural occupation which cannot be managed without a proper training. Therefore, companies pay attention to hire only those candidates who have a degree in this subject with better grades.


Many lawyers work for the governments that operate in various reputed agencies. They are known as district attorneys or defenders of the public. Other than this, there are many private law firms that hire the professionals and offer huge salaries as well.


We at Candor Overseas, offer all the help to our clients to find exceptional attorneys and legal personnel that will have immense knowledge. We render help to many businesses and help them in growing tremendously.


Let us take a look at the positions that are available in the industry:


  • Associate attorney
  • Junior Legal Officer
  • Assistant attorney
  • Health care attorney
  • In-house counsel positions
  • Litigation associate
  • Litigation attorney
  • Corporate attorney
  • General counsel
  • Employment attorney
  • Document reviews attorney
  • Patent and IP Transactional counsel
  • Temporary document review attorney


Attorney positions:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Counsel
  • Associate trial counsel
  • Business Litigation associate
  • Employment Litigation associate
  • Senior counsel
  • General counsel
  • Transactional associate
  • Medical Malpractice defense attorney
  • Legal rights attorney
  • Corporate association
  • Loan enforcement attorney
  • Associate counsel
  • General corporate associate attorney


Our recruitment services have an established reputation for responsiveness and integrity. We offer personalized services and make sure that you get a diverse facility with us. If you are a company that is in search of the best employee to fit the needs of your services, then rely on us. Other than this, if you are a candidate that is in need of the perfect industry for employment, we will help you in getting your place. Candor Overseas is able to provide in-depth placements in the legal field. Our staff can find people for every legal position as mentioned above with ease.

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