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The growth of the marine industry is based on the development of the port’s recreation and activity. marineIt has opened new opportunities for job seekers in the marine industry. We maintain a huge database of experienced and qualified candidates who have successfully pursued careers in the industry.

For the marine industry employees, as well as employers, the CMC consultant is the first port of the call. We gave capability to serve to all sizes of organizations. We serve small firms as well as multinational blue chip clients. Our clients are in marine shipping as well as in the associated industries.  We are recruiting talented and  skilled people.

Since our company is well known in the marine industry, the most able and talented candidates approach us frequently as they are seeking for career moves. They try to place themselves in our database.

We have access to the most experienced and qualified candidates along with which we also have made our agency the most resourceful. We offer professional recruitment, considering the inordinate time and time that is spent on the direct recruitment. We are best in the recruitment services as respected in the marine industry.

Job opening that is provided to the candidates in the industry by us, includes:

  • Consultant Naval Architects
  • Company Health & Safety Officer
  • Purchasing Marine Officer
  • Blue Water Ship Owners, Charterers, and Operators
  • Yacht Builders
  • Business Development Manager
  • Marine Equipment Designers
  • Engineer Superintendent
  • Marine Safety & Quality Manager
  • Engineer Superintendent Aberdeen
  • Onshore Marine Coordinator
  • Submarine Designer
  • Dock Master
  • Dock Engineer
  • Engineer Superintendent


The gap that is between the employers and employees are bridged by us as we assist the our clients to meet the key feature of efficiency, productivity and revenue generation. Our rich databases help us to understand the expectation of the recruiters as well as the candidates so that we can help them to get what they want. We conduct recruitment operating in the specific business units in the industry. Candidates that have a specialist with Marine knowledge are recruited by us so that our clients get dedicated marine employee for their industry.

We have a proven track record with our Marine Employment Division of supplying able and professional workforce for junior level, as well as top executive level. A Flexible human resource solution is offered by our marine employment services to facilitate the troughs and peaks that are seen in the demand for marine personnel.

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