Oil & Gas

The world’s economy, the oil and gas industry is a crucial contributor as it is one of the important parts. oilSince there is a rise in their demand, there are development of many industries of oil and gas. This sector offers excellent career avenues for all the qualified and deserving professionals. The job opportunities are not limited to the local industries, but choosing a right recruitment one can get jobs in international industries. One can determine the importance of the industry as there are many institutes that are offering oil and gas industry related courses and program. It is to meet the increasing demand of the industry.

At the Candor Overseas, one can get what they are searching for a long time.  We understand the different expectation and the needs of every client. Hence, we also offer customized solution to meet up the requirements and needs of every client. Our services provide skilled and efficient staff for both the offshore as well as onshore industries. One can improve the productivity of their organization by hiring staff and employee that are well-trained and skilled in their work.

Jobs that are available with us are:

  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Oil and Field Services
  • Geology and Geophysics
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Commercial/Sales/Marketing
  • Contract Positions
  • Facilities/Surface Engineering
  • Downstream
  • Candidates for the post of:
  • Senior Reservoir Engineers, Senior Facilities Engineer, Senior Production Engineer, etc.
  • E&P Technical Assistant, Records Manager, Commercial Developers, etc.
  • Senior Geophysicist, E&P Technical Assistant, Production Seismologist
  • Senior Reservoir Engineer, Senior Production Manager, Drillers, etc.
  • Commercial Developer, Manager, Business Development Manager, etc.
  • Shutdown Manager, Geo technician, Senior Reservoir Engineer, etc.
  • Senior Reservoir Engineers, Senior Facilities Engineer, Senior Production Engineer, etc.
  • Operations Technologist, HSE Manager, Refinery Designs Engineer, etc.
  • Other than the post that are mentioned above, we also recruit candidates for the following post.
  • Drilling supervisors / engineers, NDT technicians
  • Semi-skilled and un-skilled Labors, Riggers other skilled,
  • Scaff holders
  • Pipe Fitters
  • Sheet Metal Fabricators
  • Welders
  • Operation Technicians
  • QA/QC Engineers
  • Safety Engineers
  • Engineers – mechanical, civil, electrical, design and instrument
  • Project Managers

We maintain a strong database that is best among the sector. Our expert team has years of experience through which they can find the right candidate for your organization. Working with Candor Overseas will benefit you in every manner. As you can see , our expertise stretches over different fields in this sector. You can get the job of our choice with ease. You will also be able to get access to people who will match your skills with the job requirement.

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