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One of the most important parts of the economy is the security and police department. It is proud to be a lifeguard and serving in the The security industry is highly respected and has many job openings. It has the highest recruiting sector of any country. In today’s world, the scenario of rising terrorism and corruption, crime rate is observed. The  security industry is credited with maintaining peace. Their responsibility is to keep everything control so that people  can have their normal schedule without any problems.

We, at Candor Overseas, also recruit for professionals in the police and Security sector, on a national as well as international level.

The key factor behind our success is that we continually adapt our services to modernized with the ever -changing world. Also, the communication that is firmly done is the reason behind the success. The clients can easily let us know about their needs and requirements.  We maintain a database of the candidates, which makes it easy for us to find one that matches the criteria of the client the best. We provide a solution that is not only efficient but instant. Clients just have to list the qualification and the background of the required candidate and we ensure that we will find one that is right for your organization.

We are committed to providing client best professional in their work. The Candor Overseas has a strong centric focus on the industries that has helped us a lot to improve our services. We also cater services to the clients worldwide. Our benchmark is our ethics, commitments and quality that is part of the services that are offered by us. We assure all our clients that there will be integrity and maintain transparency in the transaction process. It is to ensure that there is no inconvenience from our sides.

Some of the job categories in security and Police department are:

  • Chief of Police
  • Police Officer – Lateral Transfers
  • Police Officers
  • Police Officer/Recruits
  • Fire Chief
  • Battalion Chief
  • Public Safety Officer
  • Police Chief
  • Director of Public Safety
  • Information Service
  • Police Corps Presidium
  • Organized Crime Bureau
  • Migration Bureau
  • Customs Directorate
  • Civil Defense Bureau
  • Border and Aliens Police
  • Anti-Corruption Bureau
  • Forensic Expert
  • Traffic Unit
  • Special Branch
  • Fraud Investigation Unit
  • Firearms Unit
  • Dog Handler
  • Criminal Investigation Department
  • Detectives
  • Police Officers

We are the most prominent recruitment company. We have an experienced team of expert who put both customers and clients first.

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