In the world, there is development taking place in the telecommunication industry.police This industry is extremely volatile, interesting and dynamic. There is an expansion of the horizon of the industry, which gave rise to new IT jobs in the sector. The demand for quality people is rising day by day.

We at Candor Overseas provides recruitment in all the parts of the world. The database of the candidates makes us faster from others. We can instantly find the right candidate for your organization as we maintain the database that has detailed information about all the candidates. All we have to do is match their qualification and skill with the criteria of the telecom job and find out the candidate that is perfect for it. It ensures that only deserving candidates that have potential, talent and skill are recruited. It saves time of the person who conducts the interview. We also help the clients in enhancing the shareholder value. We have put up lots of efforts in order to bring the most understandable, inexpensive and user-friendly services.

Our expert team works in hand in hand with the telecom industry. The team focuses on the level of appointments, staff function, type of recruitment and specific markets.  In all the sector of telecom marketplaces that includes the Internet service, call center,  mobile, System Integration and Networking, we have successfully recruited qualified candidates. Candor Overseas is a specialist in this type of work.

We regularly place candidates in the following areas:


Channel Managers

Dealer Managers

New Business Development Executives

Business Development Executives

Account Managers

Business Development

Billing Systems

Customer Service






Senior Management

Data Architect

Senior J2EE Analyst Programmer

Senior Tester

Analyst Programmer

Technical Support Engineer

Applications Specialist

Senior C++ Development Engineer

Senior Technical Consultant

MIS Analyst

Senior Presales Consultant

Technical Writer/ Documenter

Project Co-Ordinator

Electrical Engineers

Accounts Executive

Software Engineers

Sales Executive

National Managers

Regional Sales Managers

Area Sales Managers

Sales Executives

Sales Directors

Managing Directors

With years of experience and the expert team, we can easily make out the right candidate among a large number of candidates. Our experts are qualified in searching the candidate with the skills and talent that is needed for working in a telecommunication industry. So the next time you are looking for a job in this sector, you should reach out to us without fail. Candor Overseas will give you access to the best jobs in this sector.

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