About Us


Candor Overseas is a registered company and abides the law of the country. Our company has been established due to the rising need of the multinational companies. These days, every company is in need of a manpower service that will provide them with better recruitment rates. We engage in manpower supply and meeting the requirements of our clients.

Our mission:

We aim to be at the forefront of every recruiting agency. We adhere to the needs of the international standards of a company. Our speed and efficiency service is provided without compromising the quality of candidates that we recruit.

Our philosophy:

Candor Overseas has operated with the conviction of many firms. Our success lies by close understanding of the rising markets. We operate in such a way that every client is sure to benefit from us in a positive way. We engage in building better relations between the client and the candidates that we choose. By this, both will have a better understanding of the skills that are required and those which are already met. We expose the client and the candidate to each other in a better way so that nothing remains hidden due to faulty communication. Our candidates are sure to match up to the requirements that are designed by the current market scenario. We let the candidates and the client built a bigger and clear picture of their success. We are committed in maintaining long term relationship with immense respect and understanding. Our expertise lies in bringing potential people in a cluster.